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Global (Top 5) Consulting Firm:

Its Financial Services practice had sketchy and happenstance media presence. Identified subject matter expertise for 8 of their financial services experts, fashioned spokesperson roles for them, and systematically/consistently placed them in stories that called for their expert commentary. Client’s annual technology in financial services report was under-exposed. Developed following for the report in numerous trade outlets and additionally, created new precedent for coverage by securing interviews on many TV news outlets including CNN, CNBC, BBC, ABC and dozens of print outlets from trade publications to business dailies..

Global (Top 5) Consulting Firm:

Retail Practice had limited media presence, mostly focused on one subject matter expert with true star-power. By creating a regular platform wherein the practice’s many knowledgeable sources could comment on retail performance, we secured an unprecedented demand, and consequently, unprecedented media presence, for its 6 retail leads. Secured regular placements in the business sections of the Top 50 U.S. dailies as well as business weeklies, TV and radio news outlets.

National Security:

Represented a biometrics technology start-up since its early stage of technology commercialization. Saw it through several growth stages, supporting its business objectives through a focused media strategy. Saw it through $500 million stage to a global presence, having secured press coverage in every major U.S. outlet, TV, radio, print, internet, averaging approximately 50 stories per month. As they grew global, we worked with numerous foreign media outlets to support their worldwide presence.

Hedge Funds:

Provided media support for a hedge-fund index start-up. Through a combination of their value proposition and our ability to identify the potential and engage the media with their issues, we created a media presence that belied their start-up campaign that highlighted the gave it major presence. Over several years, got the media to write about its main value proposition around transparency and investor protection for hedge fund investors.

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