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and Why global companies work with us

We are a boutique agency that provides high-level strategic, focused on getting results for you. We are small enough to mobilize instantly, and well connected enough to know where your best opportunities exist. We’ll quickly put you in the path of the reporters you need to speak to, and we don’t drop the ball when numerous projects and interests are competing with each other for attention. With us, things don’t get lost in the shuffle. We’ll optimize every piece of content you give us, and catalyze opportunities you didn’t think existed.

Vision, Values and Quality


To maintain peak performance, we look to acquire an excellent working knowledge of every aspect of the client and client’s intellectual capital, products, solutions, values, as well as the ability to turn that knowledge into media opportunities for you.

On the media side, we strive to know all the available news outlets, reporters and stories with which you should be engaged.

Then, with intellect, technology and skill, we create a meeting place for client and journalist, to the mutual benefit of both.

Our vision entails striving to bring this chemistry to every client-PR practitioner and client-reporter contact or engagement. Our environment is one where our PR practitioners access a combination of knowledge, intuition, computer and communications skills, to connect the dots and catalyze stories that might otherwise not have happened. That way, we constantly attain a higher level terrain for the client.

Furthermore, we strive to deliver the results that instill confidence in our clients that they can truly enjoy a better outcome when they utilize our services.  


We place great value on:

    • Outperforming ourselves and helping
      our clients outperform themselves.
    • Achieving for our clients what we formerly
      thought could not be done.
    • Protecting the interests of client and acting
      with honesty at all times, with the client.
    • Acting as a visionary for the client.
    • Focusing on performing the highest value
      functions for our clients.
    • Seeking new ground and higher level
      ground for our clients.
    • Not allowing tasks or goals to fall through
      the cracks.
    • Thriving on and enjoying the work.
    • Making the work new every day.
    • Redefining peak performance every day.
    • Providing an extraordinary value to the client.


Our idea of quality can be distilled down to positive initiatives and actions around the following questions:

    • Are we meeting or exceeding targets?
    • Are we constantly expanding our
      media horizons?
    • Are we constantly expanding our
      content/intellectual capital horizons?
    • Are we keeping up with technology that
      enables us to communicate faster and
      more effectively?
    • Are we keeping up with and utilizing new
    • Are we willing to experiment?
    • Are we willing to make mistakes and learn
      from them?
    • Are we constantly challenging ourselves
      andpush limits?
    • Are we constantly challenging our clients?
    • Are we presenting our clients with surprises
      (positive ones of course), not just what they
    • Are we educating ourselves, whether on
      technology, business trends, the economy,
      our clients’ competitors?

What type of client is a fit for us?

Whatever our clients do, we look for the potential for them to be at the top of their game. Whether consulting, financial services or technology, large or small, we work best with clients that have a leading edge, great intellectual capital and solutions that ratchet up the evolutionary cycle. We have always found ourselves working with clients that are doing something breathtakingly break-through, and we feel very fortunate for that.

PR & Advertising.

As a division of a full-service advertising agency, we can also coordinate simultaneous public relations and advertising campaigns. Synchronizing these functions can achieve powerful results for our clients. It ensures a unity of voice, a coordination of overall media reach and strategy, and a cross-fertilization of creativity while helping to maximize the value of any media buy.